Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Order?

We accept orders via walk-ins, phone calls, fax or emails.  Prior to ordering, customers are advised to contact us on goods availability as well as to discuss any other service requirements.

2. How to Pay?

We accept cash, company cheques, bank drafts, internet banking transfer, PayNow, telegraphic transfers (TT). All charges (including but not limited to administrative fees, levies, currency exchange fees) are to be borne by the Buyer.  Kindly refer to Clause 3 of our Terms of Sales too.

3. What if I Change My Mind?

While we will always try to accommodate genuine requests for change of order, we seek your kind understanding that there are processing and administrative costs involved. No order which has been accepted by the Seller may be cancelled by the Buyer unless agreed to in writing by the Seller. In the absence of a deposit, there is a cancellation charge equivalent to 30% of the order value.  Kindly refer to Clause 6 of our Terms of Sales too.

4. Do You Provide Delivery Services in Singapore?

Order more than sub-total $1000:  we provide FREE mainland Singapore delivery within 3 working days (excludes Ports and CBD where additional charges apply).

Order less than sub-total $1000: $60 Delivery Charge applies to mainland delivery within 3 working days (excludes Ports and CBD where additional charges apply).

5. How Do You Ensure Timely Deliveries?

We have in place a fleet management system using GPS tracking devices as well as clever route planning to ensure we carry out deliveries in a timely and efficient manner. Our Singapore mainland delivery KPI is within 3 full working days upon acceptance of the order, no matter how busy we are. 

6. Can I Pick Up My Order at Your Location?

Sure.  Collection at any of our locations can be arranged. Do speak to our salesperson for assistance. It usually takes a working day to transfer the order to the location of your choice so do let us know in advance.

7. I am an Overseas Buyer, Can I Purchase from you?

We welcome all customers worldwide. Drop us an email or feedback form and we will look into every enquiry earnestly.

8. Do You Ship Overseas?

Yes we do! Via sea, air and land.  Overseas clients can either appoint their local agent to get in touch with us or inform us of your preferred shipping method.  We will try our best to accommodate all requests.  For small parcels weighing less than 100kg, UPS is often our preferred worldwide logistics partner.

9. What is Your Exchange Policy?

The Buyer shall agree to inspect the condition and quality of the Goods within 7 days upon receipt from the Seller before use or shipping to other parties, failing which it shall be deemed that the Goods are conforming. In the event of defects present in the Goods, the Seller agrees to conduct a one-for-one replacement for the defective Goods, provided that feedback is given by the Buyer within the 7-day period as set out above.   There is strictly no exchange or refund for cut or customised items.  Kindly refer to Clause 4 and Clause 9 of our Terms of Sales too.

10. Do You Buy Back Scrap Copper For Recycling?

No. We maintain the quality of our copper products by working directly with overseas mills using high grade LME Copper for production.

11. Do You Offer Cutting Services?

Yes we do. We provide CNC milling, metal shearing, lathe machine services, laser cutting, perforating services on our in-house materials only.  We do not provide cutting services on materials supplied directly by clients. Do speak to our salesperson for assistance.

12. Do Your Products Come with Certifications?

Yes we are able to trace each product to the original batch number and respective certification.  Purchase of standard lengths and sizes are fully traceable to the respective material/mill certificates.  However, it is more challenging for off-cut sizes and loose cut items as we do not keep tabs on the all batches they belong too.  On the bright side, non-traceable loose cut items are sold at a heavily discounted prices without certifications. If a particular class or certification is important to you, kindly inform our sales team at enquiry/quotation stage please.  Kindly refer to Clause 10 of our Terms of Sales too.  

PMI test results can also be requested at each purchase at a costs of SGD 30 per element.

13. Can I Have a Copy of 'Sample' Certificate Prior to Purchase?

While we would love to accede with each request, we do not practise issuing any form of certification prior to actual realisation of the order. This is due to strict traceability policy that we have in place to ensure accuracy. We will do our best to inform clients of all product information necessary in order to assist in their decision making.  We have put in a lot of effort to make this website as comprehensive as we can.  As exhaustive as the website listing can be, should the information found on this website be found lacking, please feel free to contact us for assistance or clarification.